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We help children to survive. We make sure that everyone has access to food, drink, education, and healthcare.

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Our work transforms the future that we all share by bringing about long-lasting change for children, their families, and communities.

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Start now! Give back to your community and communities around the world. Let us work on this together to fight poverty!

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Our Mission

A non-profit humanitarian organization called International Aid(H.O.P.E) has the goal of giving totally nourishing food to underprivileged children and families all over the world.


Let us enhance children's education by ensuring they receive high-quality teaching, empowering them with the knowledge and skills.

Food Programs

Millions of people experience daily hunger due to limited access to arable land for cultivation or insufficient funds to purchase food.

Filtered Drinking Water

Create the process of removing or reducing contaminated water to produce safe and clean water.

Medical Facilities

From small clinics to urgent care centers and large hospitals with elaborate emergency rooms.

Nutritious Food

Processes by which an animal or plant and utilizes food substances foods that are necessary for human nutrition.

Innovation For Children

Implementation of ideas that result in services or improvement in offering goods or services.

Our Projects

We operate on your financial and food donations, as well as grants we get. Through collaborations with the neighborhood community, nutrition services, and other services.

Policy and Advocacy
Emergency response

Because of our partners we are doing more good for more people!

Sara Bennett

We would be very grateful if you'll be part of our programs! You can trust that you will make a significant difference.